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betta test

I decided to try an installation of the Windows 7 beta because Vista is hinky about certain things.  There were problems with the Host process being stopped, I couldn't print to the networked printer, some flash video wasn't working (though we found out that was a WAP problem), the hard drive would grind away constantly, even though I wasn't doing anything drive-intensive, and I was having problems with sluggish performance.

The installation went fine, but I find that I'm at a loss for at least one of my frequent shortcuts: the desktop. (Minimizing all windows in one click.) If anyone knows how to get to this via Windows 7, lemme know. Also, how do you get to My Computer? If I want to browse to my external hard drive, do I have to use Internet Explorer and type in the drive letter? Maybe I just need someone to point out their favorite Windows 7-centric website?

I also need DVD authoring software. I assume that the installation came with Windows Movie Maker (haven't checked -- still trying to find my way around the Start Menu. Little known fact about me: I always revert the Start menu to the "classic" setting.), and that, in combination with the DVD authoring software are two of the most-used resident programs on my laptop.

re: the subject line, the beta test of Windows 7 comes with a background of a betta fish.

Completely unrelated... I"m surrounded by tiny ants this morning. I've killed about 50 since getting to work an hour ago.


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Aug. 17th, 2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
Hmm. I held off installing Vista after hearing about all the bugs and how resource-hungry it was. I'll probably upgrade to Windows 7 a couple of months after release, when the early bugs are sorted out.
Aug. 18th, 2009 12:54 am (UTC)
I'm holding off on getting a new computer until 7 is out- I'll probably grab it close to release, because I've been without a DVD-burning machine since early June already. Microsoft's pricing structure is very frustrating, though- I'm really wanting to build a system at least from barebones, but buying a retail install of Windows is twice as much as an OEM. I don't have my heart set on building it myself, and in fact I'd prefer not to, but the Newegg model seems to have driven most of the places who will custom-build your system out of business. I really want a machine with a 1 TB HD, and it also has to be a Samsung and not one of those piece of junk WD drives. Everything else can be absolutely bare minimum to get by, but I do require reliable storage, and lots of it. I may just write Microsoft and bitch and see what they tell me. I mean look I switched from Windows to Linux last year; you'd think they'd give me a LITTLE incentive to switch back on the financial end, because I'm not spending no $200 on no OS.
Aug. 18th, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
If you just want a copy of Win7 and need a computer sooner, you can buy Dell with Vista and they'll send you a Win7 upgrade kit when the retail version is released. They are offering it on most of there systems but make sure to look for the "Windows 7 upgrade" note. That way you can buy a base system with Win7 and swap out the MOBO, video, HD and anything else and still have a copy of Win7... and a computer for parts. If you don't mind dealing with Dell. Just a thought.
Aug. 18th, 2009 12:27 pm (UTC)
Amazon are offering pre-orders for 60 quid here, which is annoying because I can't afford that at the moment. It's going to be 150 quid retail, which is probably more than I can justify as well.

I also tried to get linux running on this machine a couple of weeks back, but my wireless card is still unsupported and I can't be arsed to mess about with NDiswrapper. Oh, for a user-friendly alternative for Windows..
Aug. 22nd, 2009 07:26 am (UTC)
I declined Vista.

I have to say I'm heartened to find someone else who does what I do, though. Show Desktop is my favorite shortcut, and I always change to Classic, too.
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